In Europe, In Work

Being in Europe supports over three million jobs and brings billions of pounds of investment and trade to the UK. Even though three quarters of business leaders warn that leaving the EU would harm Britain’s economy, UKIP and many Conservatives continue to call for Britain to pull out of Europe.

Sign to support my campaign to reject these dangerous plans and protect jobs for Londoners.


Crime petition

European countries need to work together to catch and arrest dangerous and violent criminals such as terrorists, paedophiles, traffickers and gangsters who would otherwise escape justice.

Sign my petition calling for the Government to continue working with our EU partners to fight crime.

One Seat petition

The European Parliament is the only parliament in the world to have more than one meeting place, one in Brussels and one in Strasbourg. It costs European taxpayers' around £200 million annually to have two seats of Parliament in operation.

Sign my petition to support the campaign to have just one seat, in Brussels.


Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe