Survey shows widespread LGBT discrimination


A survey produced by Gallup Europe for the EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) to mark the forthcoming International Day Against Homophobia (May 17th) has revealed that almost half (47%) of the Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Bisexual community in Europe has been personally discriminated against or harassed on the grounds of their sexual orientation.


The survey was the EU’s largest LGBT hate crime and discrimination survey ever conducted with responses from over 93,000 LGBT people from all 27 EU Member States, plus Croatia which is about to join.


One in five LGBT respondents said they felt discriminated against in employment or when looking for work. Worse still, 2 out of 3 (67%) had hid or disguised being LGBT at school for fear of being bullied. A quarter said they had been attacked or threatened with violence in the last five years, with most of those thinking it was due to being perceived as LGBT.


Commenting on the survey, London LibDem MEP Sarah Ludford, who is Vice President of UK Liberal Democrats' LGBT+, said:


“While a number of European countries are advancing on matters like same-sex marriage and adoption, there are absolutely no grounds for complacency. This survey is indeed a big reality check for policymakers on International Day Against Homophobia in showing the shocking levels of prejudice, discrimination, bullying and attacks against LGBT people in Europe.”


“The fact that almost half of LGBT respondents felt discriminated against in some way on the grounds of their sexuality is concerning enough, but the extent of violence and intimidation the LGBT community continues to suffer is horrendous.”


“We need to ensure LGBT discrimination across the whole of Europe becomes socially unacceptable and to create a culture in which those who bear the brunt of prejudice feel confident that their complaints will be taken seriously.”

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